The biggest douche on earth

This GMO food debate is probably one if the messiest messes of all currently ongoing arguments. I personally, am pro science, but I am also very much anti douchebag. Regardless of how its positioned, how authorities want you to see it, Monsanto makes products that take advantage of lack of consumer awareness, lack of government and environmental regulation, lack of information availability and lack of sustainable and practical testing. It is not anti science to be against the one sided and crafty business politics that have allowed the corporate bullies running Monsanto, historically a weapons company, to obtain not just a monopoly in their industry, but a position in the industry to own the patents for seeds outright. Seeds which have been found to destroy their own natural counterparts.

This documentary was the original reason why I became so against the politics of this company. It’s something that everyone needs to watch as it shines a light on the underground bullying, fabricated information, and industry manipulation tactics that the company has been employing to push its potentially dangerous products into the global market.

Look man, I just call it like I see it. And honestly, what we’re talking about here is totalitarianism. Bottom line. I am excited with the promise and capability of biotech, but is it really ok that given the nature (no pun intended) of the industry, the majority of human beings should be forced to live under the standards, situations, and conditions forced upon us through the systemic injection of the companies products into our food supply? What stops companies who condone the poor wages and treatment of people in third world countries from doing the same thing to people across the globe? Including you, or someone in your family? If the deteriorating health and problems related to consuming the food are intact true, than is this not happening already?